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The purpose and mission of this wiki is to make a wiki to solve the most important problems with credible and as rue information as possible. Therefore I am asking for the publics help in this endeavor, If you feel you know how to help solve a problem please feel free to send your information or opinion to my Email address Doing so is only for your benefit as we work together and learn from each other.

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All matter is supposedly made up of Electromagnetic wave oscillations. Starting with this Premise of what matter is help me define it. So far i have waves and particles are the same objects. Example: The photon. The photon is a energy less oscillation versus The electron is mass and is energy because it is a force. The force being due to the kinetic motion of the electron in a Relative system in space. Motion is a abstract word we use in a language we make up to describe something. Here we are talking about change of position in space of a energy object. A object like the electron can not cause energy without motion. If it does not move it can not produce a change. No motion is therefore called local. Meaning a abstract location of space. The particle or wave is a real object in space with a area L * W * H = Area Meaning it is a non local object in space. General relativity says that this object is both moving and standing still at the same time depending on how it is measured. It needs to be understood that matter is a continuous changing process of which all space is made of. There are some excellent videos on you tube by Eugene Khutoryansky on this subject. It is necessary to understand that we devise theory to help us understand things and all the theory means nothing if it cant be applied to a product in the real world to make life better for us all. Write the second section of your page here.